You were quick to share your own fond memories of Bradford

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replica bags supplier A replica bags 168 mall gas holder on Bradford Road, East Manchester (Image: ugc)Get the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersOnce the industrial heartland of Manchester, this thriving community, two miles from Manchester city centre, was home to countless industries and thousands of working zeal replica bags reviews men and women and their families.Over the years, the coal mine, gas works and power station that once dominated the skyline have gone, eventually replaced replica bags us by the likes of the Etihad Stadium and National Cycling Centre.Even the name Bradford has started to disappear from street signs, replica prada nylon bags with use of new names like Eastlands and Sportcity becoming far more common.(Image: Tom Slattery)His tales of jumping in the canal, having stone fights with rival gangs of children and seeing his dad come home covered in cuts after a tough day at the colliery struck a chord with many of our replica bags paypal readers.You were quick to share your own fond memories of Bradford, whether you grew up there or had parents and grandparents who worked in one of the area’s many industries.Bradford, the engine room of Manchester’I am so proud I was born in Bradford’Paul Holland: “I lived replica bags in delhi in Bradford on Mill Street until I was fourteen. Moved in 1969 loved the area. All my family lived there and the surrounding areas replica bags supplier.

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