Used when foreground subject in shadow or less illuminated

Examples are if one wants to capture the evening sunlight reflected off a surface, or if photographing self luminescent objects like flames, say a burning candle, or embers, or any source of light less brighter than the flash itself. Fill flash, if used here, will kill the tonality of the light and produce harsh, flat images.So, here’s a quick low down on fill flash photography.Used when foreground subject in shadow or less illuminated compared to background.Set the camera to ‘Force Flash’ or similar mode.Set ‘Auto Red eye Reduction’ or similar, to ‘Off’.Make sure you’re within range of your flash unit.Meter using the ‘Single spot’ or ‘X’ mode. If using an SLR camera, use TTL metering for the external flash.If the camera does not allow FEC, simply move in closer or move out farther away till you get the exposure right.

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