Twitter Influencer, Morata Goes On A Date With Nylon For Take Away (Full Gist)

I dont know why people live fake live on social media claiming to be what they are not all in the name of influencer. Anyways lets go into the gist of how a female influencer got to go on a date with a guy on twitter and fucked herself up.

It all started from when this guy, Onyeoma begged Motara the female Twitter influencer in Question for a date she promised to pay for through getting high retweet

Follow the remaining gist here :-

Only for her today to drag the guy on twitter, saying it is because she refused to date him. After packing away his food. A date you agree to pay for. And then the next day giving him attitude on whatsapp chat. What for? Are you for the food? Even if you are not interested in him, tell him this is it. I am not interested and not snub him.

Then today she was asking to send the money back to the guy.. How na… Hungry influencer, how now. Nobody is foolish like you….

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  1. It’s hightime girls started treating guys with the respect they deserve fr. If you funny want anything fine to you as a girl, don’t do it to someone’s son. Period!

  2. That’s what out ladies r for… form tush on social media and get free lunch from random guys calling it packaging until time tell on them

  3. Damnit hungry influencer,has Fuck-up, Acting Rich on social media and living like a beggar in real life….. Nawaa Ooo 😆

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