RELATIONSHIP : 12 Ways to Make a Girl Chase You

Just because you like a girl doesn’t mean you need to chase after her like a dog without a bone. Sometimes, after chasing after enough women and not being successful at it, you wish that they would start chasing you instead. Why not give yourself a break and let her do the chasing instead.

Follow the Tips below and you will see her running after you and be all about you and not you the other way.

1. First Impressions Matter

Listen, if you want to make a girl chase you, you’re going to need to nail your first impression. In the first thirty seconds, people come up with their judgments of the person they’re meeting for the first time. You cannot let your nerves get the best of you which is easier said than done. But, you need to work on your presentation and confidence when speaking to a girl for the first time.

2. Don’t look thirsty for her

If a girl has the impression that you’re desperate, then they’ll become turned off. The same goes for guys who feel a girl is too clingy and needy – people, in general, are not attracted to that. You need to make it a little challenging for her as that is what will make her chase you. They want a challenge.

3. Don’t be too available

This is the thing, if you like someone, you don’t want to appear to be too available. Sounds a little silly, right? But here’s the thing, it’s important for her to see that you’re a busy guy and you’re not always available to give her attention. Of course, do give her some of your time, but not always being there will make her chase you for attention.

4. Do give her proper attention

The problem with guys and girls is that when we like someone, we give them all the attention in the world. Now, this isn’t bad when it’s mutual, however, if you’re trying to get her interested in you, then be sparse with the attention. Not only that, give her genuine attention rather than messaging her compliments all the time or buying her fancy gifts.

5. Connect to her mind

You can do everything on this list, but the most important thing to do is to connect to her brain. If you want to be successful, you need to start thinking like a woman. And as a woman myself, I know it’s not that easy to do. But, if you can see what she’s doing and be one step ahead, you’ll be able to act accordingly.

6. Know when to take control

Yes, you want her to chase you but at some point, if you really like her, you’re going to need to take control of the situation. She’s been chasing you but now you need to take her advances and show her that you want something serious with her.

7. Be funny and cocky
This is where many guys get wrong. There’s a thin line between being funny and cocky and many guys overstep their boundaries, making them look like jerks. Though girls can tolerate some cockiness, at some point, we become tired and lose interest. But, if you want a girl to be interested in you, you need to make her laugh, it’s the best way to get her to like you.

8. Don’t give it all away

When you first meet her, don’t make yourself an open book. It’s okay to keep some personal information to yourself until you get to know her more. It’s fine, to be honest, and open with someone, but, in general, you want to open yourself up when you get to know them a bit more. Plus, it adds more suspense, making her more curious about getting to know you.

9. Don’t chase her
This is the biggest mistake guys make when they sense the girl isn’t chasing them, instead, they start to chase her. Listen, no matter what you say or do, if a girl isn’t into you, she simply isn’t into you. This isn’t a reflection on you, it’s just that she’s not into you. Now, there is someone else out there that is into you. But just because she isn’t into you, doesn’t mean you need to chase her. I know you may be feeling anxiety but chasing her will only get you caught in your own game.

10. Find your style
It’s important that you find your own style when approaching a girl. Of course, there are a variety of reasons why girls are attracted to guys, however, this doesn’t mean you need to have all of them. Yes, you should cover the general factors such as dressing nice, being groomed and clean. But at the end of the day, women are attracted to different types of men for different reasons.

11. Put you first
When we like someone, we tend to lose sight of ourselves and put this person above us. But this is the key when you’re trying to make a girl chase you. You need to put yourself first. The moment you put her first, she’s no longer chasing you as now she’s a priority in your life. So, no matter how much you like her, always make sure that your needs are the first ones taken care of. Now, I’m not talking about sex, as that’s a completely different case.

12. Understand her
I know it sounds weird but it’s not. You have to understand her. To do this, step out of your comfort zone. By doing this, it shows her that it’s safe for her to open up and express how they feel. If you both don’t lower your walls, then this won’t be able to progress into anything. A connection is essential, regardless of what your goal is.

With these tips, she would chase after you….

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