Jaynaija Exclusive Interview With Ezed (Orbombae)

Jaynaija Exclusive Interview With Ezed (Orbombae), Peter Fayomi Popularly known as Ezed is a 400l Caleb Univeristy Student and afro pop singer whose tune the Nigerian Music Industry should watch out for.

He is a determined And Hardworking artiste, Jaynaija have seen his spirit and hunger for success, that’s why we had this interview with him to get to know him better

Here is our interview with Far away crooner, Ezed

Jaynaija : Tell us about yourself, we want to meet you, who is this Ezed Guy?

Ezed : My name is Peter Fayomi popularly known as Ezed am from osun state (ile-Ife) am a student. Born on December 22. Studying international relations. Ezed is one guy like that not tall lol. From a family of 5 and the 3rd born.

Jaynaija : . Growing up, what was the dream as a child?

Ezed : Growing up the dream was to become a lawyer. Because am from a disciplined family where my mum is a teacher and a pastor and my dad a pastor(General overseer). So I must not fuck up if I fuck up its beating lol. So I would say music found me at a tender age when I was in jss3 I have been composing then but I can’t even open my mouth to tell my parent I want to be a musician circular music for that matter if it was gospel it’s even better circular music. Which mouth I wan use talk Am lol.

Jaynaija : what’s your parent’s reaction to you singing hiphop?

Ezed : My parents didn’t first support me at first after I finally summoned the courage to go and meet them and tell them. Because my dad pastor mum pastor and I want to be singing circular music. But after they see me making big moves my self they had no choice than to support me with what they could…. still not easy tho lol

Jaynaija : When did you started singing? How many years now?

Ezed : I started music 2010 but started professionally 2013

Jaynaija : What’s your definition of a good music?

Ezed : My definition of good music is about ; firstly the lyrics must make sense, secondly the genre. The voice matters also and the production of the song also goes a long way in determining good music

Jaynaija : How will you define your kind of music?

Ezed : My own music. I do Afro pop, high life, and I flow trend too to satisfy my fans

Jaynaija : How many songs have you dropped so far?, list them

Ezed : I have 4 singles
And have worked with other artists also and quite a number of good artist have worked with me also

Jaynaija : Which of your song is your favorite track?

Ezed : Actually I have like over 200 unreleased singles I just composed but if you will say out of all the tracks I have dropped I’ll pick Far away as my best still fit now but ORBOMBAE is making wave.

Jaynaija : What that thing about you that you think makes you unique amongst other artistes?

Ezed :What makes me think am unique is that am very versatile. I can work on any beat and I’ll drop on any thing you bring. I’ll flow on any beat and am not limited to one style of music

Jaynaija : What inspires Your music as an artiste?

Ezed : What inspire me I’ll say God, myself and the people I look up to (role model , mentor) and what I see around me inspire me also my environment. What I see around in my environment goes a long way in my music that’s what inspires my music

Jaynaija : People believed that you recently changed your style of music, comparing your song far away and Masun, what do you have to say about that?

Ezed : I didn’t change my style. My kind of music is Afro pop and high life. That’s the likes of far away,say, etc but masun I dropped I was trying to follow the trend the shaku shaku trend out now am trying to satisfy my fans. Like I said I can do any kind of music. So I am trying to be versatile but I still have my genre which is Afro pop and high life. My next single SALAYE (explain) is Afro pop.

Jaynaija : We heard you plan to feature slimcase soon? How true is that?

Ezed : Yes I planned to feature but my management postponed the project

Jaynaija : How did you get the stage name EZed?

Ezed : I just took the words out of a saying my mum used to say to me EXTRA ZEAL EXPECTED DONE(EZED) but it’s pronounced as EZ

Jaynaija : What are the challenges faced as an ariste?

Ezed : Well I don’t think I have any fears again. I fight my fears. But the fear of someone not believing in me. The main challenge I face is financial challenge.

Jaynaija : Who are those you see as role models in the music industry?

Ezed :Fela,2baba and Wizkid

Jaynaija : Who are your role model in life?

Ezed : My Dad

Jaynaija : What do you have to say to other artistes out there who are in one or two business struggling alongside studying?

Ezed : Well I’ll say that you guys should keep doing what you know how to do best nothing good comes easy. Quitters never win and winners never quit

Jaynaija : Any embarrassing moment as a musician?

Ezed : Hmm that must be at Ilorin carnival. As I got on stage gun shot. I ran with the mic to my house it was the next day I went to drop the mic at the field where they did the carnival

Jaynaija : Where do you see yourself in the next ten years to come?

Ezed : I see my self more popular more than a bag of rice and where God wants me to be

Jaynaija : Tell us about orbombae what inspired it?

what really inspired me to do that song I don’t know. It was just vibe I was just vibing alone in my room. Then I took my phone and recorded it sent it to why so savage and he did the beat and it became a banger

Jaynaija : Thank You For Your Time Ezed….Orbombae

Ezed : You are welcome jay Naija

Download And Listen To Ezed – Orbombae below ;


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