Jaynaija Exclusive Interview With Irapada Crooner, Junior Boy

Junior Boy whose real name is Ephraim bababo, is a songwriter/artiste, whose under swerve innercity management.

He was born on the 23rd of sept and bred in Ebute metta area of Lagos. He had is primary and secondary education there too. He also had a continuity of my education in Agege and grew up there in the ghetto.

Here is Our 30 minutes Exclusive Interview with Obimzy Records new signee Junior Boy managed under Swerve Innercity Management ;

Jaynaija : Who is junior boy ? We want to know briefly about you. Education, family, background, schooling and growing up.

Junior Boy : Junior boy is real named ephraim owolabi bababo I was born in ebute meta area of Lagos..I am from a family of 4, just me, my sister and my parent makes us 4. Schooling was good too and growing up was not easy tho, living in d ghetto and all u know how to define that lifestyle? It’s not easy but we thank God.

Jaynaija : Uhm…..So growing up what was your dream as a child ?

Junior Boy : Nothing really but all I can say is, I am professional footballer I played for Lagos bridge Fc and after school I was focused with footballing.

Jaynaija : You love playing football…Nice Almost every guy love that too….So how did music come in?

Junior Boy : Not almost every guy.. I Said I am a professional footballer Twas my profession I played for Lagos State
I do music cos it’s also my calling cos I was weighing football and music to level up.

Jaynaija : What is music to you sir…is it a profession or lifestyle ?

Junior Boy : Music is Both for me

Jaynaija : For me my prayer and irapada was my favourite songs I love most from you…what’s your favourite songs you sang?

Junior Boy : Actually all my songs are my favourite

Jaynaija : Who are those you see as role models in the music industry?

Junior Boy : 9ice, Wizkid and whole lot

Jaynaija : As a musician what are those challenges you face?

Junior Boy : Every body is into one or two challenges so there’s a lot but I can’t say or mention really

Jaynaija : who is Ray_Tmg? What can you say about Ray_tmg?

Junior Boy : He’s my manager, He’s my manager and my blood from the onset.

Jaynaija : Any embarrassing moment for you as a celebrity?

Junior Boy : (Smiles) Yes but can’t say

Jaynaija : What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Junior Boy : Work hard and always pray

Jaynaija : Thanks For having this interview with Jaynaija.com

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