Ijegun enjoys the dividend of true democracy – Shepherd Onatoye Adeleke.

It is another dispensation of electoral processes and all political office holders are politicking either to remain in office or be elected as a better choice. The widows and the entire people of Ijegun were however not left out in enjoying the dividend of true democracy.

The widows and the entire people of Ijegun of the Alimosho constituency (2) has expressed their profound gratitude to Hon. Solomon Olamilekan Adeola (Yayi), the house of representative member representing Alimosho constituency (2) where they fall over the laudable empowerment programme in cash and kinds which was organised by the Honourable member of house of representative to alleviate poverty among widows in the constituency. Yayi who emerged under the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) party in 2011 before the party’s merger in 2013 had proven beyond doubt to be the right choice for the party in his Senatorial bid come 2015.

Honourable Solomon OlamilekanAdeola (YAYI)

The event which had in attendance, Governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Raji Fashola, the chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon, and the chairman of the occasion, a one-time politician, a clergy and a bosom friend of Bola Tinubu, Onatoye Adeleke, amidst other big wit in the Action Congress graced the occasion.

Onatoye, in his chairman Address lauded the effort and impact of Yayi as a representative of the constituency, and how he has come a long way in proving to the people of the constituency that they can enjoy a good and rewarding representation as electorates.

“The people of Ijegun over the years has never enjoyed the dividend of democracy as political office holders often neglect and forget all about us after elections, until another election is around the corner and they get to campaign again and read to our hears a bunch of empty promises all in the name of manifestoes.

This has gone on for quite a long time until this administration, which is led by the All Progressive Congress (APC). I can say that all the candidates of the APC, has proven in the space of three and half years of their administration that they are capable to lead the country in 2015.

It is evident that the party has the interest of the electorate at heart and I am sure that if we all vote for this party again, come 2015 general election, we are not going to regret our action. With the leadership of the APC led administration, we have been able to enjoy the dividend of true democracy”

he said.

He further pointed out the host of poverty alleviation programmes that the Honourable has embarked on, the great attention that has been given to security in the constituency, and the single act of proffering a lasting solution to the pipeline vandalism that has resulted in death of many and the loss of a lot of properties over the years in Ijegun.

“The government is doing a lot to see to it that we live a good and peaceful life in this constituency, for them to do more there is need for us to give them the chance to do more by voting them to lead us again in the next general election. Not only in the constituency and State levels alone but also at the National level by voting an APC candidate as the president of this Nation in 2015”

he said.

Onatoye added that the Widow empowerment programme, amidst other laudable projects of the Honourable has been a blessing to the constituency and in a way it is building back the almost lost trust of the people of Ijegun in democracy and how much more can be benefitted from it. He applauded the Senator and other office holder present and also encouraged them to do in helping the people of the constituency, the state and the country as a whole.
Onatoye enjoined the young and the old in the constituent to come out in large numbers in other to perform their civic rights as electorates in the coming election and also do well to vote for all the APC candidates in the coming election.

The governor, expressed gratitude towards the support and political decorum that the state has received from Ijegun and the Alimosho constituency over the years, and he enjoined the people to show more support to the government in other to enjoy more dividend of democracy from the government of the state.
He appreciated the effort of the Honourable and encouraged him to do more in representing the people well and serve them as expected.

“I want to appreciate the effort of Shepherd Onatoye Adeleke an exemplary leader and a force to be recon within the political history of Lagos state. You have shown to us and everyone in the constituency that politics and religion can be practised effectively and peacefully without jeopardising the essentialities of both. We appreciate your effort in making this constituent a great one. This explains why you are a good friend to our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Thank you for supporting our party and its great course at all times. I believe every other people that are considering the idea of being a politician and a religious leader will take a cue from you and together we will build a great constituency, state, and nation”.

He said.

Yayi, in his address appreciated the effort and support of the constituents in making the widow empowerment programme a success and he recounted all the supports he has been able to enjoy from the people of Ijegun over the years as their representative. He promised to do more in serving the people of Ijegun and Alimosho constituency at large if he is given the chance in the coming general election.

He recognized the effort of the Chairman of the party, the governor of the state and every party leader and member that have shown their support over the years.

Mrs Agbolahan, a widow with four children who was one of the beneficiaries of the empowerment programme appreciated the effort of the Honourable in ensuring that the people of Ijegun are leaving comfortably and are able to provide for themselves without being dependent on people for help will go a long way in reducing poverty rate in the constituent at the same time, help build the economy of the state.

“The honourable has helped us by giving us a means of livelihood, he has helped us by providing us with resources to train our children with, he has made our lives easier and we promise to do our part by voting for him and other candidates that will be contesting under the umbrella of APCcome 2015. We hope he will do more to make our lives easier when he is elected as Senator in the next election”

she said.

Compiled by Grace Iyiola

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