I Use ICT In My Everyday Life – Popular Photographer, King Adeyemi

Youth are one of the greatest assets that any nation can boost of in any nation.

This was stated by the Regional Director UNESCO, Mr Yao Ydo during the 21st Century Youth and Future of Communication in Africa Programme on Tuesday 6th Febraury 2018 that took place in Caleb University Auditorium.

The Regional Director had stated the fact that the development of any society depends on how well it nutures its young women and men, how well they are reunforced.

Mr Yao Ydo talked about how youth make use of Ict Inventions to better their life however stating the diadvantages of ICT in Youth Life.

He supported the fact that Student can use their smartphone to learn in 30 minutes with the internet rather than going for lengthy lectures starting from 8am to 12pm.

Speaking with one of the Student present at the occasion, A photographer, King Adeyemi, he talked about how ICT has helped him in carrying out his assignments.

He said;

“ICT has helped me a lot as a student, Most of my assignments needs the internet for guidance. Am a mass communication student, and in the field, we carry out interview and most times we use Smartphones to carry out these interviews”

He went further to talk about the use of internet and made mention of the bad side of internet that other student abuse stating that;

“Even though Internet sometimes have bad effect on youth, It is very useful and crucial to me a student”

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