I sorry that your dad took it as badly as he did

7 points submitted 1 month agoFirst, as corny as it is, let me say that I proud of you and love you and there absolutely nothing wrong with you (as far as your bisexuality goes, idk). I sorry that your dad took it as badly as he did. I just came out to my conservative Christian parents about two weeks ago so I know just how bad that can be.

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We notice that the eye is indeed very red, the cornea is cloudy, and his pupil is enlarged. We measure an extremely high pressure in the eye. This man has acute angle glaucoma. Here is one of those gems where the demo is fun and playable enough for repeat sessions. Many of us struggling students (or cheapskates) may not have the cash to plunk down for the full retail version. So it’s a good thing that Apple provides a full page that is chock full of game demos like these for us to try out.

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