Chante Delicious Custard ; The Most Trending Business In Caleb University

Custard is a variety of culinary preparations based on a cooked mixture of milk or cream and egg yolk.

Custard is a great snack or dessert for the whole family. Not only does custard taste great, but it’s packed with the goodness of milk including calcium and protein.

Here, we bring you Chante Delicious Custard, made by a student from Caleb University, it is the number ONE trending business in Caleb University as of now.


Speaking With Niel Chante, Ceo of Chante Delicious Custard, he told us about how he came about the business

He said,

“I started with just vanilla flavors and then I taught of something more attractive in the sense of attracting more customers to get Custard and then I came up with varieties of flavors.

You know seeing a different color of custard and taste will attract them and I can boldly say right now you can’t find strawberry or chocolate flavor anywhere. Even if you’re gonna see it’s scarce. You know so bringing this flavors to your doorstep matters a lot.”

There are a lot of student entrepreneurs in various universities these days that involve themselves in various business that enhance their pocket and help solve people problems.

Niel Chante won the “Best Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017” in his department… as the best trending business “Chante Delicious Custard”

He said;

“I deliver to old male hostel, new male hostel, newest male hostel, masters quarters, staff quarters, old female hostel, new female hostel, newest female hostel, cafeteria in Caleb University”

When asked about delivery outside Caleb University, he said

“For now… I’m just running the business in Caleb. Until when I’m through with school. Then my dream is having chante custard in all universities in Lagos state…”

For more information, follow

Facebook: Niel Chante
Twiter: Nielchante
Instagram: Niel_Chante
Linkedin: Niel Chante

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