MUST READ : 5 Ways You Can Make Money Even As Upcoming Artistes

5 Ways You Can Make Money Even as Upcoming Artistes, If you no make money, wetin we gain!!!
To all Upcoming Artistes out there, shine your eyes, Don’t wait until Star artistes sign you into their record label, before you think you can blow and start making Money.

You also can start making money Little by Little, By doubling Hustle, being Determined and having set goals though we don’t know what our big artistes in the industry have done to make it and have fame, but I assure you that if you can be Hardworking and have the Back up of Almighty God, then you are Good to go.

See Five Tips To Push Yourself And Make mohey below :

1. Do Website & online promotions.

Push yourself and your music on websites online. Here, you can fly your music on callertunes and the rest like Downloads. You can make money through callertunes, But Downloads is just for influence of Getting shows and gaining more fans.

2. Monetise your song on popular Websites.

iTunes, boomplay, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon ,Cdbaby and others are platforms where artiste can post their song to monetize it. They are Actually popular monetise music website, Get your song on them , Sell it at your cost then promote it to make sells.

3. Organise a small concert with cheap Ticket Fee.

This is another way again! Organise a small concert in which you will sell your ticket to fans and people at cheap & affordable price. E.g #500, #200, #1000 and other.
You can do this also with cooperation of other artist by calling them to perform in your concert.

4. Attract / Seek Brands, Labels & Companies Sponsorship.

Forward Mails, Write letters, Find means of meeting Brand, Companies & labels PR to get access to them and seek sponsorship. You can also do things that will attract them , tagging them on social media & putting their names in your song.

5.Get your Song played on Radio & TV For Good & Well paid Shows.

You can only get well paid shows only if your song is aired into radio & Television.
When they play your songs , Always be mindful to tell them to add up your contact and social media info , so by that fans can reach you ,also people who have Shows for you.

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