THE NIGERIA COVENS : Idols, Occultic And Ritual Practices – “Kuyeegba Cult Group”

Traditional religion has remained the only African religion that has survived through several phases of civilization; it remains the only indigenous cultural religion that has thrived in Africa despite the advent of civilization.

Traditionalism as a concept rooted in traditions have been pretentiously hidden under cultural values and heritage which has to be maintained and upheld as such, it is an act that allows inhuman ,callous and vicious rituals.

It might therefore be wrong to say that most African states are trapped within the covens of traditional practices but its practices are laudable by the west African communities especially, Nigeria.

Nigeria among other British colonies remains indoctrinated in her indigenous cultural heritage, she still draws her strength from the grip of her ancestors and this has transmogrified into her system with the occultic venom inflicting pains and anguish on its subjects. Many prominent villages and towns in the south west are rooted in these occultic practices with distinguished and notable figures participating in this act.

Many researches have been carried out on several cult coven like the Ogboni Cult, The Sande, The Eckankar, The Oro, The Neegee society, Orikini cult group and the Ologbo cult etc but some others have not been explored. The ‘Kuyeegba Cult’ is another cult group that has skipped the lens of explorers because of its sacredness and secrecy, most prominent Nigerians are in this group to fortify themselves against political rivals or for fame and wealth, some other sees it as a means of identifying with the bigwits, researches have also shown that all these prominent figures must maintain the status quo to remain relevant in the society, it often triggers their involvements in these acts despite been barbaric.

In so many cases, their involvements involves the usage of animal parts for sacrificial purposes, some also covet spiritual powers to have fame for political victories and religious positions. In spite the rationale, it is still not a justifiable means to be involved in such practices.
Predominantly, festivals and other ritual are all instrumental as it has always been the step that ushers in their vicious acts, the Ogun and the Osun Oshogbo festival across the country are typical example of notable festivals that wheels the affairs of these traditions.

The Kuyeegba cult group is practiced across the country, it is said to have emanated from Ijebu in Ogun state which is made up of prominent figures like men of the forces, media, politics, and financial institutes etc. The kuyeegba group has a well-structured organogram, it is a coven of seven leaders, the ‘ateyaga latoosha’ is the highest ranking officer of the group, followed by the ‘Jekararun’ stool that is usually the second in command, the ‘Mategbo’ postion is another, this position is always occupied by females and the other four positions are though essential but now instrumental and functional.

The supremacy of the ‘Ateyaga Latoosa’ is rested on divination as the custodian of this position must be selected by the gods, as such, any member picked must comply and accept this position without refusal, his refusal is a death penalty. Most times, the baton of leadership is generational as any member of the family of the late custodian must maintain the status quo without questioning. This has been the trend ever since the emergence of the group.

The ‘Jekararun’ position is usually a sensitive position, a position occupied by vicious men, most of the custodians are usually like eunuchs who have no wife or children, and they hunt down a member who violates or declines orders. They join the group as a result of their power search and they are always fortified and consecrated for that purpose. The ‘Mategbo’ position is usually occupied by females; she is always responsible for the initiation rites of other female members of the group. Other positions are honorary in nature and they are all given their respective roles on purpose and as duties calls for it.

As the Kuyeegba group remains well structured, its members caught across every states in Nigeria as well as having its members from different works and areas of life. Most times, these figures are at the peak of their career as well as been a force to reckon with in the society.

This research will be incomplete if it does not explore the rituals associated with the emergence of title bearers. The primitive nature therefore inherent in the traditional practices cannot be overlooked. The inhuman nature of this varies in it numbers, a title bearer is expected to have incisions all over their bodies, taking in of concoctions made from blood and unknown herbs, scrapping of hair with an ancient blade and other rituals.
With this primitive nature of initiation, it is also imperative to state that, the heir of the title bearer must succeed the custodian after his demise which has always been a forced will.

Summarily, no one challenges their wills and as long as you know about their existence, one must adhere strictly to it and if not, one remains a figure of threats by their callous and wicked acts, declining eventually leads to death and due to the connection they will, the death which could be metaphysical or physical are unresolved.

In conclusion, one might say that the existence of cult practices no longer exist in Nigeria if one has not taken a trip to Ijebu-ode in Ogun state. The African society since time in immemorial has been rooted in traditional beliefs and rituals, her affiliates are culture, rituals and religious practices and this has bastardized most African nations and the primitiveness of this cultural practices and rituals have savaged not only the south western states but virtually all the states Nigeria.

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