OPINION POLL : Can A Relationship Survive Without Sex?

On Today’s edition of opinion poll, we will be looking at the Question “Can A relationship survive without sex”

And we got replies from both whatsapp and Twitter users

See replies below ;

From Whatsapp

Yosola : No it can’t, Unless they’re both virgins but if they’re not. They’ve blood running through their veins and there are hormones. Low key I support premarital sex bcos some guys just love the fact that their girlfriends is a virgin and when they get married and have sex they start having issues and some guys always have stupid test when it comes to sex. There was a story I read on IG about a guy that loves stir is gf’s vagina with spoon or ladle before they have sex in a situation like that if the lady is a virgin and they get married that’s how the bobo will start nonsense and the lady won’t be able to leave the marriage. There are so many stupid and worse things like that

Mjay : Can you drive a car without fuel?

Precious : And can it survive even with sex? When there love,trust patient and everything needed in a relationship with or without sex it will survive

From Twitter

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